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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The EF2 tornado that ripped through east Greensboro last month severely damaged Peeler Open Elementary School.

“It was really sad because I’ve been there ever since kindergarten,” said Naziah Cearnal. “I’m about to graduate and we’re not about to graduate there anymore and I was really excited.”

The school is now housed within Bluford STEM Academy.

Cearnal and her friend Sarah Enriquez are fifth graders at Peeler Open. Both play the violin.

“The violin is really important to me,” Enriquez said. “It’s like a way to escape all your feelings and stuff and it’s just a beautiful instrument.”

The students are gearing up for a special performance.

“Every fifth grader goes to the Children’s Museum and plays every song in the book,” Enriquez said. “We just perform it for parents or like whoever wants to come.”

While the students are grateful to have a school to attend, the accommodations are a bit tight. The violin class is taking place on a stage just off the cafeteria.

Music is helping the students persevere and heal.

Peeler Open fifth graders perform Friday at 6 p.m. at the Greensboro Children’s Museum.