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JAMESTOWN, N.C. — One Triad teen serves as an example that although being on top of your game is hard, it is possible. Cameron Blizard is a scholar, athlete and servant.

“I want to make sure that I have a well-rounded resume and that I live a well-rounded life,” the 17-year-old said.

Blizard, a junior at Ragsdale High School, keeps a busy schedule. He plays center on the school’s football team. Additionally, he is on Ragsdale’s wrestling team.

He recently finished third in the station wrestling championship.

“Sometimes with sports and stuff you catch the jock stereotypes and all that stuff,” says Blizard. “But, I try and defeat that by working hard, keeping my grades up, pushing myself by enrolling in five AP classes.”

A fellow Youth Leadership Greensboro member encouraged Blizard to get involved with Special Olympics. He ended up volunteering with an event that took members swimming.

“Those people, while they have their special needs and their disabilities, you know each has their individual characteristics and personalities. [They have] great things about them.”

After high school, Blizard plans to attend a U.S. Military Academy. He wants to study engineering.

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