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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A look at crash data records from the City of Greensboro Transportation Department revealed three intersections with high rates of crashes involving serious injuries.

“We’ve had an all-time high of 42 fatalities in 2017 and that really started to flow like, ‘What can we do address that?’” said the city’s Transportation Engineer, Lydia McIntyre.

According to the data, between 2014 and 2017, South Aycock Street and Walker Avenue had the highest number of crashes with serious injuries at eight. U.S. 29 and Anita Lane seven crashes with serious injuries, including one deadly crash. The third most dangerous, according to the data, is Summit Avenue and Yanceyville Street with seven crashes.

People along South Aycock Street and Walker Avenue said they’ve witnessed a few crashes at the intersection.

“I’ve seen two car accidents happen on this street,” UNCG sophomore Amir Toomer said.

The city has started a new initiative called “Vision Zero,” which focuses on reducing the number of crashes in the city by coming up with ways to make the roads safer and eliminating ways drivers are distracted.

“One of the biggest challenges that we’re facing in law enforcement is people driving distracted whether it be by a cellphone or something in the vehicle,” said Officer Price, with Greensboro police.

The city is working with NCDOT to address the dangers along U.S. Highway 29. Their goal is to create safer on and off ramps.