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GREENSBORO, N.C. — With big developments happening in downtown Greensboro, including a hotel on Elm Street, the city wants to make sure there is enough space for everyone.

Tuesday night, the Greensboro City Council is expected to finalize a more than $2 million purchase for a parking lot and building on the corner of Market Street and South Davie Street.

David Parrish is the assistant city manager. He says the city plans to use that space to create a parking deck that goes over February One Place and connects to the Elm Street Center.

According to the Starwood Hotel website, a Westin is expected to open at the Elm Street Center in October 2019.

Parrish says the city is working with the downtown hotel developer to plan the deck, which is unlike any another parking downtown.

”We want retail on the ground floor,” Parrish said. “We want the aesthetic look of the parking structure to mirror the hotel architecture.”

Parrish says the developer of the hotel would like to start construction in early 2018, so the city needs to make their plans for the deck quickly.

“Once that really gets decided, the movement of the hotel which will be on top of a portion of the parking deck takes a giant step forward,” said Zack Matheny, the CEO of Downtown Greensboro Inc.

Money for the new deck, that’s expected to cost $25-30 million, will come from parking fees and the increase in property tax values in the area.

The new deck should add around 850 parking spots. Parrish says those are much needed because the city’s four parking decks downtown are often nearly full.