City officials looking to improve signage for downtown Greensboro


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Making your way around Greensboro can be difficult for visitors and people who are new to the city.

“It was pretty much a challenge to find the things that are out of your beaten path,” said Kathryan Hashemi, who had a hard time finding her way around downtown Greensboro when she moved from Mississippi six years ago.

“When you go to a town and you’re frustrated with finding things you might not want to go back,” Hashemi said.

She thinks updating signage around the city may help draw people into her boutique, Just Be, or at least get them to spend more time on South Elm Street.

“It could make your experience a little better,” she said.

Greensboro city leaders want everyone to have a positive experience.

“The idea behind the signage is to ensure that folks who are visiting not only know about the destination that they’re trying to reach, but other interesting places to visit while they’re here,” said Hanna Cockburn, the director of the Greensboro Department of Transporation.

City leaders are discussing a plan to roll out updated signage with more color and clarity. It will be easier to read whether in the car or walking down the street. Replacing the old signs is something Cockburn and her team will take charge of implementing.

“It’s very comprehensive,” Cockburn said. “There are hundreds of destinations and sign locations that we’re evaluating.”

Cockburn told FOX8 the upgrades go together with the Citypost program, which is the electronic smart kiosks already up around Greensboro.

“It provides interactive information about the city based on information you might need in a specific location,” she said. “So people know how they’re oriented within the city itself, how to reach specific destinations, how to get to off-street parking.”

Parking signage around city lots are being improved too.

“That’s really what people are searching for when they come down here,” Hashemi said. “They don’t know where to park.”

Cockburn said signs are one way to show off all Greensboro has to offer visitors.

“It really underscores our desire to demonstrate we are one city.”

Staff at the Greensboro Department of Transporation in the process of pinpointing where the new signs will go, a timeline and cost for the project. Cockburn said funding for the signs will come from existing bond resources.

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