City of Greensboro will no longer accept glass in recycle bins

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — If you want to recycle your glass in Greensboro, you’ll have to go to one of four places set up specifically to receive it.

Kathleen Clay Library, at 1420 Price Park Drive, is one of four spots people in Greensboro are recycling glass jars or bottles.

It’s joined by Fire Station 19, at 6900 Downwind Road; McGirt-Horton Library, at 2501 Phillips Ave.; and Medford Service Center, at 401 Patton Ave.

“I knew I was going to find a place to recycle. I got lucky it was near my house,” said Mechelle Lindenberg, who has been recycling for a few decades.

Putting glass with other recyclables outside of homes to be picked up is no longer an option starting Monday.

“This is a lot better for glass. It’s also a lot better for our other recyclables like paper and metal and plastic,” Greensboro Waste Production Supervisor Tori Carle said.

It’s only beneficial if glass is dropped off the right way.

“Make sure everything is empty clean and dry. We do not want your leftover apple butter and leftover beverages,” Carle said.

Then remove the excess materials.

“Make sure that all of the caps, corks, lids whatever are not on those glass bottles and jars,” Carle said.

Many people carried glass in bags or boxes to drop off, but make sure those bags and boxes don’t end up in the bins with the glass.

“No plastic bags, no cardboard boxes, no paper bags, just glass,” Carle said,

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