City of Greensboro unveiled comprehensive plan for 2040


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Though we are still 20 years out, Greensboro city leaders have unveiled their plan for what the city can become by the year 2040. 

Since 2018, leaders have been polling citizens throughout the city on ways the city can improve. Among the top of the list is better transportation options and access through the area. 

That has lead to the city wanting adapt a “one car per household” mindset. 

That does not mean there will be a limited amount of cars each family can have. It simply means that using a personal vehicle won’t have to be the first option if you were to travel within the city. 

Sue Schwartz with the Greensboro Planning Development explained, “you should be able to live here and have several different ways to get around and connect. Whether it’s for shopping or for school or for work.” 

According to the city’s plan, they want to “expand quality transportation options beyond cars.”

Sue said that includes increasing or finding better routes for buses, adding more sidewalks between neighborhoods and larger businesses/shopping center and adding more electric scooters and bikes in areas where there is higher levels of traffic. 

“You don’t just deal with the transportation, you put the uses closer together. So it makes it accessible, it makes it connected,” Schwartz said.

The idea is to reach all parts of Greensboro; not just the downtown areas but the suburban neighborhoods as well. 

Kyle Kearney, a Greensboro resident, said adding more of these would improve his commute.

“Just more easy access and being able to get from one side of town to the other without having to jump into your car,” Kearney said.

Under the 2040 plan, “Becoming Car Optional” is the third of six “big ideas” the city hopes to move towards in the next 20 years. 

The others include “Filling in Our Framework,” “Creating Great Places,” “Prioritizing Sustainability,” “Building Community Connections” and “Growing Economic Competitiveness.” 

To see a more in-depth look at the city’s plan, visit the Greensboro Planning Department’s Facebook page or click here.

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