City Lake Park renovations by Samet Corporation will involve helping Minority and Women Business Enterprise community


HIGH POINT, N.C. — People who enjoy High Point’s City Lake Park are a step closer toward enjoying new upgrades.

Builder Samet Corporation is overseeing upcoming renovations, which will do more than improve recreation, it’s giving minorities and women an opportunity to participate in the construction process.

Samet plans to dedicate 20 percent of the $14 million budget back into the MWBE (Minority and Women Business Enterprise) community.

This is the latest in the company’s ongoing outreach.

“For years and years as a small business, you could not catch up and run at full speed with a bigger company, so we do it to allow that time to change and allow those firms that were held back to be able to run at full speed like we are today,” Diversity & Inclusion Director Johnny Sigers said.

“Subcontractors are key to our organization, to our growth, to our success,” CEO Arthur Samet said. “If we’re not helping build new subcontractors that support our growth and give people opportunities to build their business, we’re not as good as we can be, and so we see it as a win-win.”

Lisa Gilgeours has her own construction company, Gilgeours Construction.

Despite having years of valuable experience, she felt like she had a lot to learn.

She reached out to Sigers to be mentored and is now working with Samet on projects as a protégé partner.

Her portfolio includes working on projects at the Greensboro Science Center and Guilford Behavioral Health.

“That opportunity to just come in and get a seat. That’s all I wanted. All I wanted was just give me a chance to get a seat at that table. Once I was given that opportunity, for me, the sky was the limit at that point,” Gilgeours said.

“It’s vitally important that if our businesses are successful, that revenue that the county’s able to receive, that means that there are more resources that are available to be able to take care of the needs of our citizens and that includes our school systems and ultimately includes our children,” Guilford County MWBE Director Cynthia Barnes said.

Samet says its averaging more than 35 to 40 percent MWBE participation in its projects.

The state goal for participation is 10 percent.

If you are interested in becoming an MWBE partner, send an email to

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