City inspectors say termite damage could be responsible for balcony collapse at Greensboro apartment complex

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro city inspectors said Monday that damage from termites likely factored into a balcony collapse that sent two people to the hospital.

Code enforcement staff were on site at The Morehead Apartment Homes off West Market Street following the collapse late Thursday night.

Three people were on the balcony when the concrete floor on the second story gave way.

“These balconies have a concrete floor inside a wooden cradle. So if the wood is compromised, you could easily have that concrete collapse to the floor and that’s what happened here,” said Troy Powell, code enforcement manager.

Renters were warned to stay off all balconies until further notice.

“We’re going to issue a notice not to occupy any of the balconies, top nor bottom, until the engineer provides us with a seal that it’s been inspected, it’s been repaired and it’s safe,” Powell said.

Complex staff told FOX8 they had no comment about the collapse.

Powell said the complex would have an engineer on site Tuesday for further inspections and possible repairs.

Cheryl Rimmer was one of the three people injured. She said she had just walked onto the balcony to join her husband and a friend when it gave way.

“It all just happened fast. It was like concrete icebergs if you will, is what I kind of fell down on,” Rimmer said. “And looking up there was still concrete in the corner which is why we moved so quickly away because we didn’t know what else was going to come down.”

Rimmer is recovering from significant bruising and was instructed by doctors not to work for a week as she heals.

“No balconies for our kids and I don’t know if I feel comfortable living on a bottom floor or a top floor because it could happen on either one,” Rimmer said.

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