GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Some folks in Greensboro got to have a fun-filled day at Four Seasons Mall on Thursday.

It was the 37th Annual Shopper’s Day! Special needs adults got to grab things off the shelves. Candles and nutcrackers seemed to be the most popular item they grabbed.

“Last year it was challenging because of COVID and we had to do it virtually,” said shopper Jeff Piegari.

Lots of people enjoy online shopping but the folks who live at the Peacehaven Community Farm like to do it in person. The community farm is a place that helps give a brighter future for people living with disabilities.

Piegari and Ann Harris have taken part in this shopping day event for years.

“I have a long list…I know we both have a long list,” Piegari said. “In the years past it was small. But it’s been getting bigger,” he went on to say.

The shoppers are keeping the names on their list a secret… because Peacehaven they’re participating in the time-honored tradition of Secret Santa! The budget for Secret Santa at Peacehaven is ten dollars, but even that small amount can create huge smiles.

The Greensboro Mayor’s Committee For Persons with Disabilities makes this event possible every year, though the past two years they haven’t been able to gather in person to walk the mall and stop into some of their favorite stores due to the pandemic.