Chris Mintz, Oregon college shooting ‘hero’ from Randleman, speaks from hospital

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ROSEBURG, Oregon – The Army veteran originally from Randleman who was shot numerous times after reportedly charging at a community college shooter has spoken from the hospital.

“I just hope that everyone else is OK,” Mintz told ABC News on Friday morning. “I’m just worried about everyone else.”

Chris Mintz, 30, was shot multiple times during a rampage Oregon’s Umpqua Community College Thursday. He is expected to survive.

Ten people were killed and seven others injured when a gunman — identified as Chris Harper Mercer — opened fire at the community college in Roseburg.

When the gunman, tried to enter Mintz’s class, Mintz told the students in his classroom to get to a safe place and said, “you’re not getting by me,” according to multiple reports.

“At that point, the shooter shot (Mintz) five times and the shooter moved on and apparently didn’t go in to that classroom,” Pastor Dennis Kreiss told People. “I applaud the guy’s heroism. He may have saved the people in that classroom.”

Mintz spent most of Thursday in surgery after receiving seven gunshots during the attack. Family members said Mintz was able to talk to loved ones before going into surgery. He told them that he heard gunshots in another classroom and tried to keep the gunman from entering his classroom.

“He could have very easily died,” said Wanda Mintz, the victim’s aunt. “I really think that if he wasn’t such a strong, young guy, he may have died.”

Mintz’s vital signs are OK and he’s going to have to relearn to walk, according to Ariana Earnhardt, Mintz’s cousin.

Mintz graduated from Randleman High School in 2003 and had been in Oregon for at least 10 years, according to family members. He’s an Army veteran who was in his first week of school when the shooting happened.

A GoFundMe page set up for Mintz by family had raised over $200,000 in six hours, as of Friday afternoon. The original goal was $10,000.

Meanwhile, Mintz has become something of an internet celebrity. #ChrisMintz was trending on Facebook as of Friday morning. There’s dozens of headlines calling him a hero.

One internet meme shows a picture of Mintz’s face and reads, “Forget about the Oregon gunman. Remember the hero who charged straight at him.”

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