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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A man has been charged with illegally dumping chemicals in High Point, but Guilford County officials said the suspect could have avoided arrest by dropping them off at a site for free.

Juan Antonio Cardenas faces one count of felony littering and two misdemeanor counts.

High Point Fire Marshall Mike Levins alleges Cardenas left hundreds of gallons of paint, lacquer and thinner all over the city. More charges are pending, Levins said.

Dozens of buckets were found in two places in the city–the Old Miller Desk Factory on Lincoln Road and another property on Anderson Place, Levins said.

It didn’t stop there, Levins said.

“They sold some paint. They gave some paint to other individuals, and what they couldn’t get rid of they basically just dumped on the side of the road,” Levins said.

But Eddie Raynard, Grensboro’s environmental compliance officer, said there are safe and free ways to get rid of toxic chemicals.

“All you have to do is collect your materials and bring it over to Patterson Street and we will dispose of it properly,” Raynard said.

Raynard speaks of the Ecoflo disposal facility at 2750 Patterson Street. It is open Wednesday through Saturday.

“Just come in and fill out a form and we can recycle materials for you for free,” Raynard said.

The disposal is paid for through county and city taxes. Those organizations pay for the disposal to keep hazardous chemicals from reaching the water supply.

“It has the potential to contaminate the drinking water, so that’s why we keep the materials out of the landfill,” Raynard said.

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