Charlotte synagogue answers Wilmington cry for help: Send kosher food!

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After days struggling to contact their satellite synagogue in Wilmington after Hurricane Florence, Rabbi Yossi Groner of Ohr HaTorah in Charlotte managed to get through on the phone, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The Wilmington synagogue’s cry for help?

Send kosher food!

With the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, coming up quickly,  Rabbi Moshe Leiblich of Chabad of Wilmington asked for food that is kosher, or fits with Jewish dietary restrictions.

After the Orthodox rabbis had a chance to speak, plans began to form to provide some help.

Groner, his family and others worked together to shop and cook.

With Wilmington isolated by blocked roads, a Raleigh truck carrying kosher food was turned away, leaving the Charlotte team with one other option to make their delivery: helicopter.

Fortunately, Groner’s son Ben Tzion had a friend who was also helicopter mechanic.

On Tuesday, the Charlotte team was able to send off a helicopter packed with 150 pounds of food to Wilmington. The cargo included kosher chicken, kosher yogurt, cream cheese, and “honey cakes,” the Charlotte Observer reported.

The shipment arrived only hours before Yom Kippur began at sundown and the Wilmington rabbi was able to retrieve the supplies.

“It was tremendous, and certainly a relief,” Leiblich said to the Charlotte Observer. “It gave us kosher meat until the stores are back to normal.”

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