Charlotte man finds dog’s owner after standing on street with sign

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A local hero’s relentless efforts to find a dog’s owner paid off!

It was on Friday when Jason Gasparik stumbled upon a brown Labrador all on her own and pulled out all the stops to get her home, WCNC reports.

He posted to every social media platform. He posted to pages and groups. He even stood by the street with a sign that said, “Do you know this lost dog????” with the pup sitting at his side.

He spent two days with that sign before he and the dog found who they were looking for.

According to Gasparik, he finally got the dog, whose name turned out to be Roxy, back to her rightful owner.

He told WCNC tat Roxy’s owner Ed has a severe back injury which made him partially immobilized.

Ed did everything he could to try to find the missing lab. He drove around calling out Roxy’s name and asked local dog-walkers to keep an eye out for her.

He ended up approaching a woman who was walking her own brown lab and asked if she may have seen Roxy.

Lo and behold, she had. She had seen some of Gasparik’s posts and reached out to Roxy’s finder on Sunday.

Gasparik and Ed agreed to connect at the Stonecrest shopping center. They made sure that Ed’s breeder paperwork and personal photos of Roxy all matched up, and the rest is history.

“Such a great ending to this story,” Gasparik said in the comments of Charlotte’s Lost Dogs, Cats and Pets page. “I already miss Roxy, she is so sweet. But, she is home where she belongs.

He added that he has plans to meet up with Ed again to help him register Roxy’s chip.

“If you are unsure if your pet’s chip is registered or you are unsure of what the registration info contains, please ask your vet to scan the chip,” Gasparik wrote. “The vet can then do the search or you can use the chip ID# to do your own search. Please register your pets chips. They really do help reconnect pets with their families.”

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