CBD, hemp stores popping up all over Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — You’ve probably seen them while driving around town: the many different hemp and CBD stores popping up all over Greensboro.

The first store hit Greensboro in 2018 and now there are at least five different stores focusing on hemp just minutes away from each other.

“I’ve been interested in trying CBD,” said Derek Anderson, a first time customer at Hemp RX.

From one store to another, and another, hemp shops are opening up all over Greensboro.

“We have six stores and we just signed a lease on a seventh store yesterday,” said Bob Crumley, the CEO of Everything Hemp.

For some, like Anderson, the draw is medical.

“My brother’s tried it and my mom’s tried it for their seizures,” he said.

Crumley says, for others, it’s about curiosity and trying something new.

“The public wants it. CBD is one of the fastest growing — well hemp is one of the fastest growing — products in the United States,” he said.

Crumley’s store has locations all over the Piedmont.

“We need a lot of producers and a lot of farmers,” Crumley said.

He says business is booming and he has some theories as to why.

“We know there are doctors in North Carolina who are pushing their patients to go to hemp and come off of opioids,” Crumley said. “Doctors are teaching law enforcement officers in this state about how they’re using hemp to get people off of opioids.”

People who are desperate for some pain relief that is safe.

“The opioid crisis is terrible and highly addictive,” Anderson said. “The nice thing about CBD is you get the same effects, maybe not nearly as much as opioids, but you don’t get the addictive qualities.”

He believes it could be the right solution at the right time.

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