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GREENSBORO, N.C. — When firefighters found an unconscious cat inside a smoke-filled condo, they did everything they could to save his life.

A day later, it looks like Starbuck the cat is going to land on all fours.

“It just kills me that he lost his brother and sister,” said Mark Bramlett, Starbuck’s owner.

Bramlett’s other two cats died in the fire, so seeing emergency responders work to revive Starbuck meant so much more.

“We were all pretty much screaming and crying, because I had no idea all that footage existed of them bringing him out,” said Bramlett. “He’s my survivor; he’s my little survivor.”

However, the fact that firefighters had the tools to save the cat’s life was more than a stroke of luck.

Captain John Dixon says all Greensboro fire trucks are equipped with oxygen masks specifically designed for our four-legged friends. Saving people is their first priority, but if emergency responders can save a pet, they do.

“It’s not something you take to the bank, but it brings a lot of self-satisfaction and makes you feel good about what you’re doing,” said Dixon, of the Greensboro Fire Department.

This experience has made Bramlett pause and appreciate what he has, because despite all he lost, he will be able to take Starbuck home Saturday.

“The only problem is there’s not really a home to take him to now, but as long as he’s with me,” said Bramlett.

Starbuck is being treated at After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Greensboro. Doctors expect the cat to make a full recovery.

A donation page has been created to raise money for Starbuck’s vet expenses.