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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — A Randolph County family has taken in a small cat with severe burns on the left side of its body after they found it sitting on top of a nearby bridge.

The Staleys found the orange and white cat, that they’ve now named “Miracle,” on Sunday morning on Loflin Pond Road.

“I just told my husband to stop, because I saw this cat sitting on the bridge,” Holly Staley said. “I saw it was bleeding from the ear and was all wet.”

They found Miracle with fur burned down to his skin, maggots all over his body, a small hole in his stomach and burns in his mouth.

“That’s from where he was trying to lick whatever it was off of him,” Staley said.

After they studied the wounds, vets reportedly told them that it appeared the cat had been doused in something and burned intentionally. As for what was poured on the animal, it’s still unknown.

Miracle is said to have a 50/50 shot at survival.

“He must want to live or he would’ve have been sitting there on the bridge … asking for help,” Staley said.

The cat is currently staying with the Staleys and is being treated with medications received from the vets to treat the burned skin and to kill any of the maggots still on his skin.

The Staleys are asking everyone to keep Miracle in their prayers. They are also asking anyone who may know who have done this to contact the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office.

FOX8 will keep you updated on Miracle’s recovery.