Cars in Asheboro have windows busted out again after previously reported vandalism problem

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ASHEBORO, N.C. — Broken windows and large rocks left next to cars around Asheboro. Sound familiar?

In August, FOX8 reported about a car vandalism problem in the same area.

Now, there’s another round of damage.

Between Randolph County Sheriff’s Office and Asheboro Police Department reports, there have been nine cars hit.

“My husband obviously taped it up because it’s raining today. Convenient timing for [the window] to be busted,” Courtney O’Brien said.

When she saw her car on Monday morning, she knew what had happened.

“This is the second or third round of this in the area,” O’Brien said. “A couple of months ago, there was a vehicle parked in the driveway that had the back window busted out and a side window busted out.

It was the same story just three months ago.

More than 13 cars, including in O’Brien’s Asheboro neighborhood, had rocks thrown at the windows.

“Nothing was taken. It was just busted out and left how it was,” O’Brien said.

It’s now happening again.

Jennifer Caudle’s car was less than six miles away from O’Brien’s and was hot too.

“I called myself lucky contestant number seven in the rock bashing game,” Caudle said. “We’ve taken a lot of the glass out, but there’s still some glass in it. There was a huge hole in the middle and there was glass in my seat.”

Between the two women, there’s about $300 worth of damage.

“People have no regard for how hard you work for the things you have,” O’Brien said.

They’re both worried the vandalism won’t stop and hope law enforcement can find who’s doing this to prevent more problems.

“They need to get on the ball and find these people because it’s costing citizens, good citizens, hard-working citizens, a lot of money to get these things fixed,” Caudle said.

FOX8 spoke with both the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office and the Asheboro Police Department.

Both agencies are investigating these incidents but need people to come forward and make official reports if similar incidents have happened to them, so they can continue to work the cases.

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