Caitlin Little, Greensboro teen with anterograde amnesia since 2017, in Texas for new treatments

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HURST, Texas — Caitlin Little, the Greensboro teen who has been living with anterograde amnesia since a sports accident in 2017, is in Texas for new treatments.

On Oct. 12, 2017, Caitlin was at practice with her Southeast Guilford High School cross country team when she was accidentally hit in the head by another student.

Since then, much like the movie “50 First Dates,” Caitlin wakes up every morning thinking it is the day after the accident.

She can remember what happens throughout the course of any given day, but at night, as she sleeps, her brain resets and seemingly erases her memories of the previous day.

In the past year and a half, Caitlin’s family has taken her to numerous doctors, finding little success in treating her.

On Thursday, Caitlin’s mom, Jennifer, posted the following update to the GoFundMe page set up to help the family:

“Welcome to Texas where we met a team of doctors ready to help our girl. We’ve had two days of all day treatments and doctors are very hopeful! We are so excited!!! We had planned to go home tomorrow but Caitlin is still very weak and he’d like to treat her multiple times a day through mid next week. SOOOO- we agreed! We are staying! My mind is racing. Never expected this and didn’t plan for things at home or here. We will make it work but it definitely raised our stress level. Chris not working for two weeks, hotel, rental car, dining expenses just jumped way past my wildest dreams. Not to mention this mama has never been away from her children more than 24 hours. I miss them so much!

Don’t get me wrong- I’m so excited to be with the right doctor but my worries have shifted to money and our other children. Life of a mom

Folks have asked how to help. Prayers are BEST! If you feel like doing more, then this is best place right now. Neither one of us are working right now and things are adding up fast. Treatments are $1,000 a day. We budgeted for the 3 days only. We’ve added 5 more days plus cost of equipment to continue treatments at home. We will find a way to do this and continue to trust God to lead us”

Caitlin’s father, Chris, told FOX8 Friday afternoon that the doctor they are seeing, in the Dallas area, practices integrative medicine with detoxing and nutrition as its cornerstone. He is also a licensed ophthalmological surgeon.

Chris said Caitlin “has been responding mildly positively to treatment here” and said the doctor “has volunteered to come into his office over the weekend when it is normally closed to help Caitlin since he knows we are from way out of town and he wishes for Caitlin to drive maximum benefit.”

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