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Finally, all the ice and snow on the ground has started to melt, but the warmer weather means people are just now seeing the aftermath of all the frozen and busted pipes.

In Davidson County, cracked pipes affected water throughout the entire City of Thomasville Sunday.

As of Monday afternoon, crews had fixed four major leaks and they were still looking for other possible cracks. As a result, water had been restored to all Thomasville residents, but water pressure was still lower than normal.

Similar problems related to cracked pipes kept restoration crews busy across the Triad Monday.

“Friday night was a long, long night. Saturday we were out all day and all night. Yesterday, it was fairly calm, then it started back up again first thing this morning,” said Doug Watkins, with 1st Aid Restoration.

One of Watkins’ customers was Katy England, a State Farm Agent in Asheboro.

“I actually should have known better,” said England. “Apparently the outside spigot had frozen over the weekend, then once the pipes started to thaw, water was everywhere.”

Luckily, damage was limited to an unfinished basement, but England says there are steps others can take to prevent pipes from freezing in the future. Some suggestions include insulating pipes, letting faucets drip overnight, keeping the house warm, and leaving cabinet doors open.