Burlington apartment building evacuated after gunshot fired toward police

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BURLINGTON, N.C. — Burlington police are looking for who shot a gun in a neighborhood off of Huffman Mill Road Monday morning.

Investigators did find a target practice area in the backyard of a home on Catherine Drive, directly behind the Brittany Apartments.

“When I woke up this morning, I heard a loud boom. That’s when I heard the blinds moved,” Shaniqwa Wimbush said.

She and her wife, Nasheena, live in an apartment at the Brittany Apartment.

Nasheena went downstairs around 7 a.m., not knowing what she’d find.

“I saw the hole in the blinds and I saw a hole in the window. Glass was just falling down,” she said. “I turned and I looked at the wall. There was a hole in the wall.”

The shattered glass was in a pile by her patio door.

The large bullet hole went through the wall by the hallway.

Wimbush called 911.

FOX8 got a hold of the 911 call. A loud boom can be heard.

“They shot again, they shot again,” says Wimbush to the dispatcher. “Did you hear?”

“I heard,” says the dispatcher. “I have officers on the way. Are you down on the floor?”

Both Wimbush women stayed on the ground, petrified.

They only moved when Burlington police showed up. They thought it was all over.

“They were walking around and checking the perimeter, and then another shot went off,” Wimbush said. “The cop that was back here breaking the glass down, he ran in and told us to get down and not move.”

Investigators later searched a home on Catherine Drive, directly behind Wimbush’s home.

They say they found a bullet hole in the fence and a target practice area in the backyard.

FOX8 stopped by the home to try and speak with homeowners, but no one answered.

The Wimbushes are worried.

“We’ve been here for a while. We haven’t had problems over here,” Nasheena said. “The neighbors are quiet and nothing happens over here. It kinda shocked me a little. Shook me up.”

While police do not believe it was targeted, they’re hoping to get some answers soon.

“I hope they do find whoever did it because people just doing senseless stuff like that, they don’t need to be on the streets,” Wimbush said.

As of airtime, no one is in custody.

It is a crime to discharge a firearm within Burlington city limits.

When the person is identified, they could face charges.

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