Buffalo Lake faces trash problem in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Plastic bottles, fast food wrappers and a host of miscellaneous items can be seen floating in Buffalo Lake in Greensboro.

Several homes sit perched behind the lake, and the homeowners think the trash in the lake is getting out of hand.

“It’s disappointing when people litter,” said Christine McCuen, who lives near the lake.

Other homeowners, like Julie Welsford, like the lake and all of its pleasantries except for the floating garbage.

She’s even taken it upon herself to keep the lake clean.

“We tend to clean it up quite a bit and you would not believe the things that turn up in the lake,” Welsford said. “Liquor bottles for sure, mani-pedi flip flops, basketballs, a whole lot of golf balls all sorts of weird wonderful things,”

Buffalo Lake is a privately owned lake. FOX8 reached out to one of the owners who declined to comment but mentioned they would send out a statement later this week.

Residents say this trash build up impacts the wildlife and it’s an eyesore to such a beautiful body of water.

“And you know it affects us all…it affects the birds who are here, the wildlife, the turtles–you know–and the fish that occasionally people catch here: you’re eating that too,” Welsford said.

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