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(WGHP) — For Jennifer Waddell, it was just a way to have a bit of fun and maybe get a little social time while at home raising her three kids (well, to be fair, the oldest is almost raised at 19 and in college full time, but you know how kids are).

Her younger two are not yet in school, so it is a full-time job being home with them as a mom. Jennifer has worked in the medical world, and it was there she met someone who is one of her best friends and had some advice.

“She’s on TikTok, and she has a massive following…we had brunch one day, and I was talking to her about (being a stay-at-home mom),” Waddell said. “We were catching up, and I was telling her ‘I think I’m going crazy. I need to do something, and she said, ‘Why don’t you do TikTok?’”

Well, maybe because Waddell had never done it, before and didn’t really know what it is. But, as she says in her very first video, “Y’all are cheaper than therapy …” She gave it a whirl as she told a story about her oldest son – the 19-year-old – who called her late at night one weekend from college asking how to get to the Panera Bread restaurant that is in the local hospital.

As Jennifer said in that first video: “Why are you in the hospital at 12:30 a.m. on a Saturday night, and why didn’t you lead with that?”

That video took off because of Jennifer’s sense of humor as she tells stories about raising “My Husband’s Kids,” which is her TikTok name.

“(My followers) just think (the way she tells stories) is hilarious which is funny to me because my husband literally thinks I am the least funny person in the world…when I tell them that I have all these followers, and they think I’m so funny, he’s like, ‘It’s crazy that all those people are so wrong!’” said Jennifer with a smile, adding quickly that her husband is both very supportive of all she does and thinks she’s a wonderful mom but just not as funny as everyone else thinks she is.

She’s gone from zero followers to over 100,000 in just a few months.

“When I posted my first video, I had no idea the world could see it. I just thought it was people that followed me…on Instagram,” she said. “This was never meant to be what it is. I did this for me.”

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