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You either believe, or you don’t.

Ask just about any person of faith and they’ll tell you that praying matters. But how do we know?

Research is inconclusive on whether prayer can help people heal, for example. Some studies suggest it does, others don’t and each side tends to question the study methods of the other.

But maybe that kind of prayer – traditionally called, “Petitionary,” or, “Supplemental prayer,” is the wrong way to go about prayer – or, at least, an incomplete way.

The prayer traditions of the three, ‘Abrahamic Religions,’ that are the most common in America (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) are fairly similar but there are some differences. And not just between those faith traditions, but in how we pray in today’s modern world vs. antiquity.

This edition of the Buckley Report looks at how prayer is used, its efficacy and the way we should look at prayer today.