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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Kevin Eudy never intended to become a social media star. Eudy was just a small-town police officer with a couple of children and a sense of humor.

Because of that sense of humor, a couple of friends suggested he try to do a few videos on the social media platform, TikTok.

“A couple of buddies of mine in law enforcement called me up and said, ‘Bo, why are you not on this app? Cops are killing it, right now.’ “

“Bo, you’re pretty funny and the way you talk and handle yourself, I think you’d be great,” Eudy’s friends added.

Eudy began doing short videos about the life of a cop, but it was when he started including stories of his children – particularly his daughter, nicknamed Scoot, that things took off.

Eudy says that he gets most of his material from living everyday life.

“Walmart is probably my favorite place to go find content because there’s always something crazy going on, something fun and exciting,” Eudy said.

Eudy now has an incredible 7.6 million followers on Tik-Tok and another 300,000 on Instagram.

Despite his newfound stardom, Eudy insists that he is still the same person he always was.

“I stay true to who I am. I know which side of the sticks I come on, I know what lane I’m in and I stick to that, trying to motivate, lift up,” Eudy said.

“People know that I’m a good father, my kids are everything to me. To me, it’s all about providing a better life,” Eudy added.

However, that better life does not come without its drawbacks.

Eudy says that he cannot go out to eat with his kids without being noticed by someone.

“Oh, it’s overwhelming, my son loves it and he hates it at the same time because, everywhere we go it’s, ‘Officer Eudy, officer Eudy!’ He’s in the car going, ‘Office Eudy, officer Eudy, my daddy’s so famous,’” Eudy said.

If it all went away tomorrow, Eudy says that he would be fine going back to being a full-time officer.

Currently, he only does a few shifts to stay current. Social media is where he makes his income.

“It has just given me a better way to provide for my kids, it used to be that if I wanted to take my kids to Disney World, I have got to work for 2 or 3 years to save up. Now, I just book a plane and I go,” Eudy said.

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