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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — There are few names better known in Greensboro and even the entire Triad than the Cone name.

But, how much do you know about Herman, Ceasar and Moses Cone? A new professional production in Greensboro tells their story.

It is a Broadway-style stage musical that was set to run in April of 2020, however, we are all painfully familiar with why this and so much of our lives got put on hold back then.

For the actors, including Olin Davidson who plays Moses Cone, it is a bit of a challenge to portray someone from real life.

“I think you connect with the material different than you do with a fictional character,” Davidson said, who recently moved from New York City to Winston-Salem.

Berit Johnson still lives and works in New York but was familiar with North Carolina from working in productions, in the past.

“North Carolina is stunning. I really loved just being in the state. I had never been to Greensboro, so I was really excited,” Johnson said.

Fellow cast member, Caleb Warren, grew up near Charlotte and plays Ceasar Cone. For him, it was about discovering theater while he was trying a lot of things as kids often do.

“I was really terrible at soccer,” Warren remembered with a laugh.

“So after a soccer camp, one day, I went to a theater camp, and that was the first time I actually felt part of something…even though I was on a soccer team, I didn’t feel I really belonged there,” he added.

The cast got to meet a descendant of the Cone family which provided a lot of insight into the characters they are playing. It also brought home what the Cones did for this area.

“You never realize the impact one person or family can have on an environment,” Davidson said.

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