(WGHP) — Jennifer Draper never expected to become a social media star.

“I made a video a couple of years ago. It got me to 30K and then 100K, and I said, ‘Maybe I could make something out of this,’” she said.

That video was on TikTok where she now has 2.8 million followers plus thousands more on Instagram and Facebook.

The videos that made her a big deal are mostly having fun with being a bit of a country girl from down south.

“They’re funny but can be a bit cringy, so people like to see that stuff,” she said.

Evidently so. Her videos have nearly 90 million likes. That means, sometimes when she goes out in public, people recognize her.

“Sometimes I’m a little nervous when I go out,” she said. “I’ll see people. Mostly they’ll be talking very low or looking my way and smiling. Most of the time, they don’t come up to me…when they do, we have mostly a normal conversation.”

There are those who want to “come at her” as the saying goes.

“Haters don’t really bother me, but I do call them out sometimes. I just wish people would be more positive,” she said. “Laugh with me, at me, just don’t post mean things in my comments.”

Some of her favorite videos are when she sings.

“I really do want to post more singing videos,” she said. “When I post them, they don’t get as many views mainly because TikTok wants me to post the comedy videos.”

The comedy videos are often her dancing to a current hit song with “Billy Bob” teeth (a toy brand of teeth you can put in your mouth to make it look as if you have what the kids like to call “a jacked-up grill.”)

“I always keep those Billy Bob teeth handy,” she said. “I’ve actually got about ten, 15 pairs of them. I get more views whenever I post with those teeth…so I can’t leave those out of the video.”

She does mix it up and even had her boyfriend in one video.

“We made videos in the past where we were actually dressed normal…then we switched clothing, and he was wearing my clothes, and he got really embarrassed about that,” she said.

That’s OK. She’ll take it from here. She plans to keep riding the TikTok train as long as it’s running.

“As long as TikTok’s still around, I’m sure I will be on it,” Jennifer said.

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