It’s a Friday afternoon, and Busta Brown is spinning a tale on WZOO, 99.9 and 106.1 FM.

“On the way to work, I killed two snakes,” Brown said. “And what’s crazy is I was just telling someone the two things I’m scared of most are snakes and spiders. But if my son’s mom is around, I would sacrifice. If my son is around, I would sacrifice, and there were two snakes, so that’s how my fantastic Friday started, and it’s all good.”

When he brings the volume up full on Neil Diamonds “Cherry, Cherry,” he admits to something that might surprise a few people.

“I grew up wanting to be Rick Dees,” Brown said about the legendary disc jockey who graduated from Grimsley High School and later UNC Chapel Hill.

He grew up far away in San Francisco, and he felt he had made it when he got a chance to be himself on the powerful station 102 JAMZ in Greensboro.

“And then I notice that my voice had power,” Brown said. “I stayed number one in the ratings, and I never knew Busta Brown was a celebrity until some local politicians asked me to run for some kind of office, and I realized…’I guess I mean something to people,’ and I decided to use my voice to empower people instead of making fun and just being a joke guy. I wanted to matter.”

He did that by creating a non-profit called The New Cool Movement. It teaches kids there is an option to some of the things that will take young people down the wrong path.

“New cool movement came from not judging our youth choices, just giving them another option,” Brown said. “So here’s a new cool. If you think the cool that’s cool today is cool, we’re not going to judge that, but we’re going to give you an option of a new cool, a cool that where academics really matter, leadership really matter and the spirit of accountability really matters. Integrity matters.”

His group works in a variety of ways, giving traditional talks to volunteering at a place that serves meals to the homeless.

“So with new cool, I’m not concerned about what I get from this world,” Brown said. “I’m more concerned in planting seeds into our New Cool members so they can plant seeds into their peers, and then their peers continue planting seed, and one day it will be a better world.”

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