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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Everyone can draw, but not everyone can draw well.

“I always was confident in my ability to draw,” Sterling Freeman said.

Freeman graduated from Western Guilford High School and then from North Carolina A&T. But he has been an entrepreneur and artist from his earliest days.

“I’ve been doing art…ever since I was about 3 years old,” Freeman said.  “And so I was doing theater, dance, I also owned my own business of clothing, t-shirt designing.”

He even had some art students that he taught in person before the pandemic.

“When Covid hit, I wanted another way to still reach my audience and also give the kids something that still kind of kept them inspired and interacting with other kids,” Freeman said.

So he began teaching on a platform called “Outschool” where he has students from around the world.

He says there is certainly a need for what he is teaching.

“People always need logos. People are looking for different ways to express themselves artistically, whether it’s in business, actual art or many other mediums,” Freeman said.

But he is now taking his work beyond teaching. He both wrote and illustrated a children’s book titled, “Goodnight, Little Dreamer.” The books and art classes go hand in hand.

“The class is called ‘Little Dreamers Character Art’ where I teach kids how to draw using numbers, letters and shapes. So it’s kind of an extension of my books,” Freeman said.

In the end, Freeman is hoping not just to entertain but to inspire.

“I just have always felt that I want people to live to their full potential,” Freeman said. “I know in my family, my parents were always a big inspiration on me, and they were always teaching me to use all your gifts.”

Hear Sterling Freeman read from his book and teach his art class in this edition of the Buckley Report.