GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Ask anyone who lives on Pinecrest Road in Greensboro, and they’ll tell you they’re family.

Each Friday, they get together somewhere on the street and talk about a million things. A few years ago, the thing they spoke about was what Frances Taylor had seen on her trips to Europe and South Korea: a series of small boxes that were dedicated to family or some sort of spirituality. She brought the idea up to her neighbors who took to it and wanted to do something similar.

“We started with the idea of a prayer house being similar to the little libraries that are scattered around,” Taylor said.

Those are boxes that are about eye height, maybe a foot square in size and hold books that anyone can take or contribute. The folks in Sunset Hills decided to make theirs dedicated to prayer.

“I think we’re all have some degree of faith…when we get up and drive a car, we expect it to get us there,” Diana Cashion said. “But I believe that there is a hope that’s needed within all of us right now, and people find that in a higher power…when we get prayer requests, and we lift them up, I feel like we’ve interceded.”

They built it in 2019 and have had more than a hundred prayers left in it, which they put in a book and take to Cashion’s church, which Richard Mansell attends. He built the house. The prayers are on a variety of subjects.

“People have sicknesses. People have marriages that are falling apart. People that want to get pregnant and can’t. Mothers that are interceding for their son’s or daughter’s addiction issues,” Cashion said, looking over the book where she keeps them before taking them to her church so a group can intercede on the petitioners behalf.

For Mansell, who had his own heavy prayers when he lost his wife in 2015, it’s comforting to have made something others can use in a way he needed back then.

“I think what’s really extra special is that people are using it. And that they are sending in sincere thoughts of their troubles, their concerns and their desires, and I think that’s just healthy as can be,” Mansell said.

“As much as the little libraries took off, I feel like this is something that can take off, too,” Taylor said.

And they just might. See the Prayer House in this edition of The Buckley Report.