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It’s hard enough mastering one thing in life. Few people ever learn to master two.

Carolyn Woodruff is successful family and divorce lawyer in Greensboro.

She likes to say that her work is seeing the best people, at the worst times, which is why it caught her a bit off guard when she discovered her life had gone off-balance, and found herself in her clients’ shoes.

“I did not realize how devastating it was to go through a divorce, until I came home one day, and found out my husband had moved out and I was going through a divorce.  And it was really very devastating,” she explained.

To help her recover, a friend suggested she do she do something she always wanted to do, but never got the chance to.

Her choice? Dancing.

“I was embarrassed, a little bit, to start with.  It’s okay when a four or five-year-old looks awkward dancing because they’re little and they’re cute. But when you’re 40 and you start dancing and you’re not so little and not so cute, it’s not a pretty scene,” she explained.

Woodruff started competing with her partner Alosha. After six years, she was on top of the dancing world, winning the title of, “Best of the Best, Gold Division” in a preliminary round of a dance competition in June.

Carolyn and Alosha been invited to compete in the “Best of the Best” Gold World Championships in Ohio, in November.