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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Chris and Jennifer Little were beginning to get desperate.

All the treatments they tried to heal their daughter, Caitlin, were leading nowhere and nothing outside of traditional medicine – the treatments they found that worked – weren’t covered by insurance and were destroying their family’s finances.

The community stepped up with events like a golf tournament that will help raise money. Anyone can play by signing up here.

And the treatments they need weren’t even on their radar when Caitlin got injured at cross country practice in October 2017, when a teammate accidentally hit her in the head.

At first, they were told she just needed rest and they saw some improvement over time. About six months after her accident, Caitlin could remember the day as she lived it but then, when she slept, her brain would reset and she’d have no memory of the day before.

“I thought that her memory would improve, we would find new techniques, new treatments and then it would plateau and then it would keep improving,” said Caitlin’s father, Chris. “I never thought that it would go back to the beginning. That was really stunning.”

After going to more doctors and hospitals than they can count, they are hopeful about what they now have.

“It is the only thing we’ve done that’s shown results,” said Jennifer, particularly about the structural integration work Caitlin does with a therapist. Structural Integration was created by Ida Rolf in the 1940s and is based on bringing the connective tissue and bones into their proper structure.

They are also hopeful about the work they’re having done with the Amen Clinic, a group that specializes in concussion work and has treated many NFL players who have had multiple concussions.

The first person they saw there, Dr. Muneer Ali, didn’t promise answers but believed they were Caitlin’s best shot.

“Do I have an answer for why her brain injury resulted in anterograde amnesia and it’s so severe? No. I just see signs of mild change in the scans,” Dr. Ali told the Littles. “But she’s not someone who has had repeated injuries or multiple car accidents or contact sports.”

Many people who are wishing Caitlin and her family the best follow Jennifer’s posts on social media sites like Facebook. Those posts have changed lately.

“We were not very transparent – we kept putting the happy smile on everything because we didn’t want people to worry. We believed in the positive energy. And then we realized we were keeping it all to ourselves and it was making it much harder. So, the posts are more real. There is still a lot more I could write but I share enough so people can pray and support, appropriately,” Jennifer said.

See one of Caitlin’s structural integration sessions and hear from the family in this episode of The Buckley Report.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the Little family.

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