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GREENSBORO, N.C. — As Caitlin Little sits on the sofa with her mother, she looks better than she has over much of the last year, but still, she’s looking… tired. Tired of the pain, tired of the fatigue, tired of not knowing why she can’t remember what happened five minutes ago.

“What’s it feel like it’s doing to your body?” asks her mother, Jennifer.

“Aging me is the best word I could …” replies Caitlin, as her voice drops off to something inaudible.

They’ve tried everything – every theory, every specialist – and nothing seems to be helping her.

“I think where I’m at, at this point is there’s no more dreaming,” says Jennifer. “That’s something that’s really come about since Christmas. Everybody’s talking about their spring vacation and what they’re going to do, or this past weekend – all of Caitlin’s friends were doing the winter dance for high school – and there’s none of that in our future, there’s none of that even on our radar.”

What is on their radar is trying to figure out how to get through each day, assuming nothing ever gets better.

“It’s becoming more real that we need to develop a trust for Caitlin. She’s 17 and we need to talk about power of attorney,” says Jennifer.

But that doesn’t mean she and her husband, Chris, have given up. They continue to tell their story in the hope that someone, somewhere will have some insight. That’s why, after Dr. Oz’s team saw our reports last year, she agreed to go on his show.

“People would see the show and since it was medical-based, they would contact us, right?” says Chris. “We would be inundated with people saying, ‘My gosh, I’ve seen this before, this is my field of research,’ and, really, nothing came of it.”

Because of FOX8’s reporting though, the word continues to get out. People Magazine saw our reports and did a small story on her.

“The day the article came out, a doctor from California called me,” says Chris. “’One thing that I noticed is that when I list Caitlin’s symptoms and then I list those patients of mine, it’s the same list,’” says Chris, quoting the doctor.

So what was it that doctor saw? That story in this edition of Caitlin Can’t Remember in the Buckley Report.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the Little family.

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