GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The picture tells the kind of story that just makes you say, “Woah!”

Nine women who are all certified nurse anesthetists at Cone Health are all pregnant at the same time. They were friends already, but the bonding of being, in most of the cases, first-time moms has made that connection even stronger.

“I think it made all of us closer for sure,” Courtney Woodall said. “Our breakroom was full of pregnancy talk the entire year. So it was sort of sad for the non-pregnant people, especially the men in our department, having to listen to all our pregnancy talk.”

Those conversations were mental and emotional lifelines for the women, particularly for those who didn’t know how scary being a first-time could be.

“For me, being a first-time mom, just trying to understand the pre-pregnancy period, the pregnancy period, the delivery period, the post-partum. I don’t know…what I would do without the support of these moms that have helped me at every stage of that,” Emilee Barr said.

But all that conversation wasn’t immediate. Being in this field, the women have to be cognizant of their pregnancy status.

“It’s really hush-hush just because a lot of what we do in the operating room with anesthesia involves radiation and just things that are toxic if you’re pregnant,” Emilee said.

Working in the healthcare field and with the graduate degrees they have, it can be easy to assume they know everything they need to about caring for a newborn.

“But it’s different,” Ali Cosgrove said. “We’re trained in anesthesia.”

“Putting people to sleep and putting babies to sleep, not the same,” Emilee said. “We’re not as good at that. I can attest to that.”

With nine women and one of their husbands all working as nurse anesthetists in the same department, scheduling was a challenge when they were all out on parental leave.

“Our manager is pulling our hair out and has been for a year,” Ali said. “I think she’s hoping that no one drinks the water for a while.”

But all of their thoughts quickly return to the focus of their passion: the new life they hold in their arms every day.

“It’s a love that you never knew you could have,” Ali said. “The instant that you see the baby…I just did not know that you could have that love.”

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