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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford County Commissioners voted 8-1 to adopt new policies and procedures at the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

One of the biggest policy changes is that the shelter will no longer automatically euthanize pit bull, Rottweiler and Chow canine breeds.

Under the previous control of the United Animal Coaltion, the policy was to euthanize animals that appear to be those breeds. Because breed can’t be exactly determined short of DNA testing, it was left to shelter staff to make a best estimate of breed based on the animal’s physical features.

Logan Rustin with Animal Control Services said he simply didn’t agree with euthanizing dogs that would have made good pets without at least giving them a chance at adoption.

“Eighty to 90 percent of the dogs we take in appear to have put bull features. If the dog has a good temperament, it should have a chance at being adopted regardless of breed.”

He said he knows there will still be instances where euthanasia is unavoidable, but they hope lifting breed restrictions will increase adoption numbers.

Rustin also discussed creating a Barn Cat program for feral cats with good temperaments that might make good rodent control pets.

The shelter is going to offer discounts for folks adopting senior aged animals and bonded animals, as well as for military veterans and on holidays.

For more information, follow links in the commissioners’ agenda for April 7, 2016.