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HICKORY, N.C. —Hickory police are investigating a suspicious death at a Motel 6 near I-40 in Hickory, after an employee discovered a woman’s body underneath a bed in one of the rooms.

According to WSOC, one guest at the motel described smelling a foul odor Thursday, but it wasn’t until lunchtime Friday that police got the 911 call.

Investigators were at the motel Friday trying to determine how the woman died.

Tim Brown was outside at the time the body was found.

“I heard some screaming and I don’t know what happened after that,” Brown told WSOC. “I didn’t know anything was going on, to be honest with you, but wow.”

Police are calling the death suspicious. They released a photograph of a white Previa Toyota van seen leaving the motel Friday morning.

Investigators said they believe the couple in the van had been staying in the room. They are calling the pair “persons of interest.”

Guests and an employee reported something in the motel Friday morning. Police are looking at the possibility the woman has been dead for some time. Employees said they are still in shock by what happened.

“I would never think it would happen at this motel,” said employee Angel Blankenship. “Maybe other motels, but this motel has a lot of security.”

Police said they are still trying to identify the woman. They said they hope to learn more from an autopsy and by locating the couple.

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