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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The best thing about riding in the MetLife Blimp over Winston-Salem was there weren’t any signs of drones.

That made for clear flying and a nice trip Thursday morning, despite plenty of cloud cover.

One of the pilots, Terry Dillard, said he’s heard of drones being a problem from time to time but he’s never encountered any issues. As for his job of riding around the East Coast from sporting event to sporting event in a blimp, he has a good time with it.

“I love it,” Dillard said. “There are worse ways to make a living.”

The blimp is in the area because of the Wyndham Championship going on in Greensboro at Sedgefield Country Club. The blimp’s parking spot has been at Smith Reynolds Airport, and according to pilot Alex Orcutt, officials at Smith Reynolds have been friendly and cooperative.