Bill that impacts pistol permits held up in NC House

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — House Bill 562 discusses a number of changes to firearm laws.

What is one of the most controversial suggestions are proposed changes to pistol permits.

Currently, local sheriff’s departments perform a criminal background check before issuing a permit. An FBI NICS is also performed — but according to law enforcement officers, that check is limited in identifying a potential buyer’s pending criminal cases and/or instances where charges will potentially be filed by law enforcement.

As of now, both checks are conducted before a person is granted a pistol permit. The suggested bill would eliminate the sheriff’s department’s role in administrating their own background checks prior to a person getting a pistol and instead rely on the FBI’s.

Supporters of the bill say two background checks are redundant.

The bill has come to a halt in the house as provisions are expected to be made to it.

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