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Some state lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would allow teachers to carry guns.

Senate Bill 756, also known as the School Self-Defense Act, proposes the idea to increases teachers’ pay who decide to carry a gun. The bill would require teachers to undergo training.

Last week, the bill was introduced again after it failed last year.

Parents against the bill told FOX8 it would make them worry even more about their child’s safety.

“There’s a lot of talk about how parents should keep their guns locked up at home so having a gun at school that may or may not be accessible to children that just seems like a disaster waiting to happen,” elementary school parent Jen Firestone said.

Other parents against the idea like Darrell Pope believe it would only put a stain on the student-teacher relationship.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea personally because a lot of the teachers don’t have the temperament to be able to deal with urban kids in urban communities,” Pope said.

Parents who agree with teachers having guns say it’s needed, especially after the recent school shootings.

“As long as the teacher is well vetted and goes through the necessary steps like background — all of the information that would be needed to allow that person to actually carry a gun,” Brad Firestine said.

Teachers who decide to get training for carrying a gun would see a 5 percent salary increase. The bill would also provide $9.3 million for the salary increase and training.