‘Bigfoot’ sightings prompt PSA from Davie County Animal Shelter

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(Davie County Animal Shelter)

DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. — Davie County has a Sasquatch problem — and the county animal shelter is trying to clear up the confusion.

Lurking ominously in the woods off Pine Ridge Road in Mocksville, a looming, dark-haired creature stands.

Its arms, nearly as thick as tree trunks, and its eyes, blood red.

Of course, this Bigfoot is just a statue, but drivers in the area can’t seem to tell the difference.

Officers have been receiving calls about the figure and have had to explain that its only a sculpture, Lisa Nielson with the Davie County Animal Shelter told the Washington Post.

The Davie County Animal Shelter took to Facebook to set the record straight about the “handsome fellow” in a Jan. 11 public service announcement.

“If you are traveling this road at night, please be advised that the eyes appear to glow,” the shelter wrote. “If you see this phenomenon, you do not need to call animal control to report seeing Bigfoot, Sasquatch or any other large creature.”

So far, the comments have been hilarious.

One commenter wrote:

Dispatcher: 911 what’s your emergency?


Dispatcher: Are you on Pine Ridge Road?

Caller: Uh… yes how’d you know?!

Dispatcher: …… Ninth time today with this…

Another wrote:

I’m kind of diggin’ those 6-pack abs on Sasquatch.

To which, the animal shelter replied, appropriately:

I don’t quite know how to respond to this.

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