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GREENSBORO, N.C. — R&B singer Beyonce is providing some financial relief for Black-owned businesses through her BeyGOOD Foundation.

It’s a sweet dream Lori and her husband Hezekiah Poag are still coming to grips with at their store Something Barowed.

“At that time, even had to cancel a couple of events and things like that, so we just made some adjustments,” said Hezekiah Poag, owner of Something Barowed.

Something Barowed candy store on East Market street got $10,000. Lori says that money is the perfect treat ending 2020 with now paid utilities. 

She heard about BeyGOOD Foundation through a friend and decided to try her luck.

“I was like ‘woah!’ I bet that’s a long process to try and do that because when the pandemic hit there were a lot of programs that you had to apply for,” said Lori Poag, owner of Something Barowed.

For RainbowMe Kids, Kya Johnson’s luck turned around when she found out BeyGOOD Foundation was giving a $10,000 boost to her business.

“We had scheduled a lot of in-person events. And, of course, when everything shut down, I think everyone was kind of at a standstill,” said Kya Johnson, founder/CEO of RainbowMe Kids.

The folk fairytale books are a source of entertainment to young minds, which is a message Kya and Lori believe Beyonce’ stands for.

“Representation matters. It really makes a difference,” Johnson said.

“715 Black-owned businesses received help from her, so we love B!” Poag said.

BeyGOOD Foundation teamed up with the NAACP to provide grants to each of the small businesses.