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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A successful December means six new Guilford County schools will join the 45 schools BackPack Beginnings already supports.

“The gap is the weekend,” BackPack Beginnings Founder and Executive Director Parker White said. “We want to make sure they are fed over the weekend so they come back to school ready to learn on Mondays.”

Through online donations and campaign letters, BackPack Beginnings wanted to raise $30,000. Instead the group collected over $53,000.

This month, six schools will now receive food from BackPack Beginnings. At new schools like Sumner Elementary, students will be able to take home food for the weekend. At Page High School, BackPack Beginnings will keep the school’s food pantry stocked. Also BackPack Beginnings is keeping a supply of snacks at the teachers’ warehouse.

“We don’t want the teachers to take on another financial burden,” White said. “So we keep snacks there and it’s been a great success.”

An anonymous donor matched up to $5,000 dollars in donations.