Baby expected to only live 30 minutes defies the odds and helps save 2 other children

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A Tennessee family’s newborn baby defied the odds and was able to save two children.

WTVC reported that Krysta Davis and Dereck Lovett were told four months into their pregnancy that their baby would not survive due to a rare, deadly brain disorder called anencephaly.

Doctors told the couple they could have the baby to full-term and they could donate her organs to help other children. That’s what they decided to do.

“If I wasn’t able to bring my baby home, at least others could bring theirs home,” Davis said.

Rylei Arcadia Lovett was born on New Year’s Eve and lived an entire week before passing away. Doctors expected her to last no more than 30 minutes.\

“We were able to fit an entire lifetime of love into that one week with her that wasn’t promised to begin with,” Davis told People Magazine. “She just smiled the whole time. She was such a good baby.”

Rylei was able to donate two heart valves that will help two different children who need them. Her lungs will also be donated for research and development of anencephaly.

This is the first case in a decade that Dawn Mazurek, hospital development coordinator with Tennessee Donor Services, has seen a baby with the condition donate organs to help other families.

“Rylei has now left a legacy and is a hero because of it,” Mazurek said.

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