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FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — Adilynn Renee is tiny but she’s a fighter. She was born four months early and weighed less than a pound.

“[She] wasn’t even supposed to live, so we sat here the whole time thinking she was going to die,” explains Matthew Reynolds, Adilynn’s dad.

Adilynn is one of the tiniest babies ever born at Forsyth Medical Center.

“She has definitely gone against the odds for someone her age. She, in many places, wouldn’t make it but she has,” explains Dr. Jennifer Helderman, with Forsyth Medical Center. Doctors had to use their smallest breathing tube for Adilynn when she was born.

Tuesday Adilynn turns two weeks old. She now weighs a little more than a pound. Little accomplishments like opening her eyes and lifting her head are big deals.

“An ounce or a gram has never meant more to us until now,” explains Chelsea Gregory, Adilynn’s mom.

Adilynn’s mom and dad can see their little girl growing each day and there’s a photographer proving there really is progress.

“I want them to see what they’ve overcome and what their daughters overcome,” explains Deneen Bryan, with Capturing Hopes Photography.

Bryan is taking at least one picture of Adilynn for 100 consecutive days. For Bryan, these pictures are personal. Years ago, Bryan had a baby who needed a liver transplant. During her family’s time in the hospital there was a photographer taking pictures.

“I didn’t think a whole lot of it until later. She passed away when she was 6 months of age and after she passed away we got those photos in the mail,” explains Bryan.

When Adilynn was a week old, Bryan wanted to try and show just how tiny she was. Bryan put a cell phone next to her. Adilynn was about the same size as the phone.

Doctors say Adilynn is healthy but she will have to stay at the hospital while she grows stronger. Adilynn’s mom and dad can’t wait to tell and show her the story of when she was a little girl.

If Adilynn continues to improve she should be able to go home by September.

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