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LEWISTON, Maine — A baby born in Maine on Sept. 19, 2019, came into the world at exactly 9:19 a.m., WMTW reports.

Madison Smithgall was born at Lewiston’s Central Maine Medical Center.

“The doctor asked one of the nurses, ‘Hey, what time is it?’ And they were like it’s 9:18 right now and then her head ended up popping out just before it was 9:20 so it was 9:19 in the morning right when she came out,” dad Andrew Smithgall told WMTW.

This is the Smithgalls’ second child.

And just for good measure, Madison’s birth length — 19 inches long.

Interestingly enough, arguably Maine’s most famous resident, renowned author Stephen King, incorporated the number 19 throughout his “Dark Tower” series as a mysterious and powerful number. No word on if the King of Horror has heard about little Madison.