Awesome doctor raps to young girl, explains how to take care of cast

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A video posted to YouTube shows an awesome doctor rapping the ‘Cast Rules Jingle’ to a young girl to explain how she should care for her cast.

The video was posted by Amanda Lehr, who said the video was shot by a co-worker who took her daughter to the doctor after she broke her foot.

To help the young girl understand how she should take care of her cast, the doctor decided to rap the ‘Cast Rules Jingle.’

“Is it funny?” the girl asks at the beginning of the video. “It might be funny,” he answers.

Here are some of our favorite lines:

“Rules to follow… about your cast. Rules to follow to make the cast last. Don’t get the cast wet, don’t stick nothin’ in it. ‘Cause if you did, you’re the one who has to deal with it.”

“Don’t come to me because I told you the rules. But you can come back if your phalanges [points at toes] turn blue.”

“If the cast gets wet, here’s what to do. Take a blow dryer on a low setting – like one or two… to dry the cast off, not too hot… like the rockets that blast off. Don’t take the cast off.”

“Don’t hate… just elevate. Don’t sign the papers to send me to Ricky Lake. Just elevate for 15 minutes. If that don’t work you can come back to the clinic. Now that’s the end of the ‘Cast Rules Jingle.’ Just check the note for when the doc wants to see you.”

He then ends the rap with a quick summary of the ‘Cast Rules Jingle:’

“Don’t get it wet! That’s it!”

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