CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (WNCT) — Some special deliveries come at unexpected moments. It’s good to have people like U.S. Navy Petty Officer Third Class Danielle Murphy at the ready.

Murphy helped deliver a baby in the parking lot at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune on June 3. The delivery came at 3 a.m. while she was assigned as an Aviation Hospital Corpsman while standing at administrative duty at the center.

In a story published to, a website that provides news, images, audio, video, and publications from military operations around the world, it was reported that Murphy was standing administrative duty during what she said was a “long, quiet night” at the medical center when a man approached the Quarterdeck desk to let staff know his was wife might be in labor. Murphy stayed calm and grabbed a wheelchair to assist the patient, but she quickly realized there wasn’t much time to move the mother to Labor and Delivery.

“As soon as the doors opened, I saw her standing outside the vehicle holding onto the door and screaming,” said Murphy. “My intent was to help her get into the wheelchair, to get her to [Labor and Delivery] quickly, but then I looked down and noticed the baby was breech. I knew I needed to help get the baby out, so I steadied the mother and told her to push, and she was able to deliver the baby girl into my arms.”

Within seconds, Murphy was aided by labor and delivery nurses to help the family into the medical center. Murphy says being able to help deliver the baby was a great experience, but she isn’t seeking a job in labor and delivery anytime soon.

“I don’t have a baby and have never seen a baby born, so it was probably one of the most interesting things I have done in my entire career, and it’s a story I will probably tell for the rest of my life,” Murphy said. “I was just happy to be there to assist.”

Murphy has been with the Navy for six years. She is currently stationed at Marine Corps Air Station New River, working with the flight surgeon.