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GREENSBORO, N.C. — AT&T announced they are consolidating on Monday, and more than 300 employees are feeling the effects.

76 employees work at the call center in Greensboro off of Pinecroft Road near Four Seasons Mall. 

On Friday, the company informed those 76 AT&T employees that the call center is closing.

“We are consolidating our credit and Collections Call Center in Greensboro.  This work is moving to an AT&T facility in Birmingham, Alabama.” according to AT&T

Most of the Greensboro employees are collections representatives. 

Al Frost is one of them; he’s worked at the center for 15 years.

Frost admits he had a feeling something bad was heading their way. 

“When you see in other offices that people are being trained to do new things and your office is being excluded it makes you think what’s coming down the pipe,” explains Frost

AT&T has been in the building near Four Seasons Mall since 1988. 

Many of the employees have spent the majority of their careers there. 

“These folks are career folks they have families the majority of them are married and have children, this is not just ‘Let’s go down the street and get another job type of deal,'” explains Chris Myrick, with the Communications Workers of America Union.

Frost, and the other 76 employees have until the end of the month to decide if he will transfer with AT&T to Alabama or look for a new job in Greensboro. 

“I’ve kind of made Greensboro my home so it’s kind of hard to want to leave here,” says Frost.