Atheist billboards in Charlotte removed following controversy

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Officials said two controversial billboards in Charlotte ridiculing Christianity and Mormonism were taken down after several threats and complaints from the public. 

WSOC reported that the group American Atheists put them up Aug. 13 near the airport and the Brookshire for visitors to the Democratic National Convention. 

The billboard attacking Christianity called God “sadistic” and “useless,” said there are “30,000+ versions of the ‘Truth’” and claimed the religion promotes hate by calling it love. The billboard attacking Mormonism called God a “space alien.”

American Atheists said they put the billboards up to “expose the foolishness of religion in the political landscape”.

The group announced Thursday that they and the billboard company, Adams Outdoor Advertising, agreed to take them down after receiving numerous hateful threats.

“It is incredibly sad and disheartening when a group puts up a billboard that criticizes the ideas of religion and is viciously attacked.” said Amanda Knief, American Atheists’ Managing Director, according to WSOC.

Bob Hackendorf said he disagrees with the billboards but said they shouldn’t have been taken down.

“They have a right to state their opinion,” he said, according to WSOC. “They have a right to be wrong.”

Denise Jackson said she was appalled me they were put up outside of a highway.

The billboard company is refunding American Atheists a portion of the $15,000 it paid for the billboards.

The group said it is planning to have protesters on the ground at both conventions to express their views.

Source: WSOC.

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