Asheboro widow encouraging others to donate blood plasma for COVID-19 patients despite setback


ASHEBORO, N.C. — A widow in Asheboro has been waiting weeks to donate her blood plasma after recovering from COVID-19.

“If I can just help one person it’ll make me feel good that something good came out of all the bad that has happened in April to me,” said Donna Hunt, who recovered from the coronavirus.

In April, Hunt and three other family members tested positive for COVID-19. The virus ended up killing her husband and father-in-law that same month.

Thursday morning, on what would have been her 32nd wedding anniversary, the blood center finally confirmed her donation appointment for Friday afternoon.

“I got to looking at it and I said, ‘You sent it to me didn’t you?’ It’s our anniversary. We would have been married 32 years yesterday. You knew how bad I wanted to do this to try to help somebody to keep them from having to go through what I’ve been through,” said Hunt.

FOX8 was with Hunt when she showed up for her appointment on Friday.

One Blood has a strict set of guidelines for donors. On that list is a required temperature reading. After waiting outside in the heat for about 30 minuted prior to her appointment Hunt missed the required temperature by two-tenths of a degree.

Despite Friday’s setback, she’s still determined to help.

“I’ve just always had a strong feeling of community. I feel like that’s what we all need to do is to do what we can for our community, because it is where we live,” Hunt said.

Hunt wanted to donate through One Blood because the donations are used on local patients.

She is still working on a reschedule date.

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